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Bangface and the Gloryhole


Bangface was shot in the face a long time ago at a bar in a fight over a pickled egg. He's trying to figure out who did it but that's tough when the past keeps changing on him. When a client steps into his office worried about his lover's wandering eye, Bangface stumbles into a government conspiracy that could lead him straight to the answer.

"Andrew Hilbert writes like a psycho angel with a thorn in his wing. He's funny as hell and follows up his spectacular Death Thing with a tour de force of wise cracking, black hearted mayhem. Bangface is crazy good." -Jeff Weddle, author of When Giraffes Flew

"If Tom Waits and Kinky Friedman collaborated on a hardboiled musical screenplay directed by Jim Jarmusch, it might approximate the droll, deadpan wit and efficiently but elegantly stylized, cinematic yet conversational construction of Andrew Hilbert's Texas twist on the traditional P.I. genre. But 'Bangface' is in a class all by itself, continuing the trend of organic originality and bare-knuckled badassery evidenced in his horror novella 'Death Thing.'" - Will Viharo, author of Vic Valentine, Private Eye series and The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection, Vol 1-3